Sales Consultancy & Trainings

By exploring top-performing sales organizations in the world, SOCH has identified and outlined the critical selling skills and behaviors required to improve sales performance and reduce the duration of the sales cycle. We provide customized sales training on personal development skills and techniques to create and explore new sale opportunities to improve sales performance and to close sales’ call in a profitable manner. Customized sales training involve client relationship management, understanding of customers’ needs, effective communication with clients, and improving client interactions.

Our trainer incorporates theoretical and strategic concepts amalgamated with applied and practical experience to provide clients with a better understanding of trade, marketplace, products, business management, hence ensuring profitability of an organization.

  • Fundamentals of sales management
  • Strategic Social Selling
  • Sales techniques to build an unstoppable sales team
  • Territory Management
  • Corporate Sales Effectiveness & Productivity
  • Key Accounts Management
  • Retail Management – Merchandising, Distribution and Marketing
  • Sales Methodology Training
  • Wholesale and retail management
  • Product Sales Traininghow to communicate features & benefits to the customer
  • Ways to Increase impact of sales coaching
  • Sales Training for Managers
  • Bridging the Gap Between Sales Strategy and Execution
  • Competitive Sales Strategies
  • Personal grooming
  • The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process
  • Leading an effective sales force
  • Internal influence and persuasion